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Workshops in Sofia

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Workshops in Sofia

Workshops in Sofia

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Dear friends,
we are honored to receive an incredible couple of Argentine Tango of recent times. In the midst of them successful European tour 2015, Carolina and Martin will visit the city of Sofia from 25 September to 1 October.
Owners of unselfish love for the tango, high criterion and unique style, a vast professional experience and many years as maestros ... they will share with us them knowledge and will implement all their didactic with a great social sense.We will have fun and share enriching moments with those who passed knowledge (being teachers and/or coaches) to many finalists and World Champions since the tango world championship was created.
Encourage receiving, put into practice and enjoy the same influence that they did on many of the Milongueros and also professional dancers of today.


- Advanced sequences in close embrace

- Social back and forward “Sacadas" and Social "Colgadas"

- Women Technique. (*)

- ¨Alterations¨ and variations in ¨Sacadas¨ for to use in the milonga.

- Change style, dynamics and effects.

- Men Technique. (*)

- ¨Enrosques¨ and ¨agujas¨ for men and women.

FULL PACKAGE x 5 lessons = 75 Euros
Single workshop = 18 Euros

(*) The price for women or men TECHNIQUE is 18 Euros. (not included in full package)

¨Private lessons are available upon request¨

Alejandro Chavez
Phone: +359 87 758 5664
El Giro Tango Project


More about our MAESTROS:


Dancer, teacher, director and choreographer of tango integral artistic training, she has been developing for two decades her career in two distinct and complementary areas, educational and artistic with the same intensity and dedication.

In 2007 Carolina creates Mariposita de San Telmo, a space dedicated to tango in his school develops its educational and artistic activity. Dictates her regular classes specializing in individual technique, technique for couples, tango salon, tango stage, choreographic training and professional development.She directs Mariposita choreographic groups and develops the diffusion of tango and Buenos Aires culture in Argentina and in the world through a program called Mariposita effect. As choreographer and director has her Mariposita de San Telmo Company since September 2009.

She retains the traditional tango acquired a body language that allowed her to create without losing the traditional, in seeking constant adaptation and incorporated elements of other disciplines complementing acting ability.
Precision, perception and broad technical mastery allowed a thin musical appraisal focused to innovate without losing the traditional essence of tango.

Her educational background, Carolina has a degree in Political Science, gave to her the capacity for abstraction necessary to create her own teaching method.


Tango dancer for the last 20 years. He won the first TANGO SALON championship for the channel "TANGO SOLO TANGO".
His training based on classical and contemporary dance allowed him to develop his own, technical style, without losing the essence of traditional milonga.

He began his career as a professional dancer and tour the world renowned tango Companies:
"Copes Tango Copes" as principal dancer with Juan Carlos Copes and Johana Copes; "Fascinacion de Tango"; Mora Godoy with the show "Tango Emocion".
Then he established himself as tango teacher, sharing his time between Argentina and tours in Europe and Asia.In Buenos Aires, he worked as a professor and academic director of "Mora Godoy Studio" and created "Mora Godoy Ballet" with Eliana Sanchez. He was invited as a jury of the World Tango in Buenos Aires on several occasions and also with their show at the opening and closing of the Metropolitan and World Championships to be held in Buenos Aires annually. He has also been invited as a jury for different Tango Championships and International Festivals.

As assistant choreographer had the opportunity to work with the best dancers for shows like "Tango Emocion" and "Tango Fatal" with Mora Godoy, "Tangos Mirando al Sur", with Maximiliano Guerra and "Copes Tango Copes" with Juan Carlos Copes.

He also work as artistic director and choreographer of the Argentine Pavilion in EXPOSHANGHAI 2010 and EXPOCOREA 2012, and as a reward for his work, has been chosen with his Tango Company to perform the final show of these two exhibitions, these two being recognized as the most important of the world.


  • Location:
    Sofia, Bulgaria
    Event dates:
    From: Friday, 25 September 2015 - To: Thursday, 01 October 2015
    Sofia, Bulgaria
    Event dates:
    Event Starts: Friday, 25 September 2015
    Event Ends: Thursday, 01 October 2015
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