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Marketing Services

Our Tangopolix marketing services will help you maximise the visibility and exposure of your tango event throughout our large audiences of tango dancers.

The marketing services described below go beyond our basic offering (listing your event on our website, and a single publication into our social network channels) which is free of charge and works out as a self-service. With this extra services, we help you put your event in a privileged position that will ensure it does not go unnoticed.

Many tango event organisers all over the world have already multiplied the reach of their marketing initiatives and have accessed new audiences of tango dancers thanks to our marketing services.


A) Featured Event

With this service, we allocate a “Featured Position” for your event on our website. Events who make use of our “Featured positions” get much more visibility than the rest of the events since they appear on our Home page, at the top of the Calendar and Map pages, and in the top five positions of search results ( as long as they meet the search criteria). They also get priority to appear in the “Related Events” section of each event's detailed view.

It is a great opportunity to boost the popularity of your event within the tenths of thousands of visitors that come to tangopolix every month looking for tango events like yours. Events that have been featured in the past have seen how the daily clicks into their event page increased by a factor of five to ten times. We do a maximum of five Featured Events so don’t delay your booking since they tend to sell out fast.


B) Email Campaign

We will send a Newsletter to all our registered users with the content that you provide ( pictures, text, links). Email marketing is very powerful and your event information would have 10 times more chances of being read than on social networks since we are sending a personal message rather than appearing on a social media stream.

It works very well with promotions that have a specific deadline or quantity. We can also increase the relevance of your content by sending the newsletter in a different language depending on the country of residence of the recipient (multi-language newsletter). Please check for availability, we send no more than one newsletter per week.


C) Facebook Campaign

We will create a Facebook Ad with the content you want (picture, video, description, hashtags, link) which will target our Facebook fan base and their friends. We will then use our advertising budget with Facebook to boost the reach of this post.

Our Facebook publications reach thousands of people organically on Facebook every week, but by leveraging this paid advertising on top of our extensive fan list of social tango dancers, we will multiply the organic reach by a factor between 5 and 10. In addition, we could target the campaign on selected countries (only if you wished to do so). In previous occasions, we have been able to reach over 80,000 people with a Facebook campaign of one month of duration.

Please get in touch so we can answer any questions you might have and send you our latest price list.