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How to publish your tango events

As an event organiser, tangopolix offers you the possibility to create,publish and manage all the information about your events in our website completely free of charge. Even if your event is already listed on tangopolix you can claim ownership and take control of the data published in it.

Adding events to Tangopolix is very easy and works as a self service. However you need to be registered in tangopolix with “User Category: Event Organiser” - you can read more about this process here.

Adding your event to our website is just the start, once a new event is added to our database it automatically gets scheduled to be pushed through our social network channels (Facebook page and groups, Twitter and Instagram) where we reach further people beyond the tenths of thousands of visitors we receive in our website monthly.

We try to make the process of managing the information about your events at tangopolix as easy as possible by enabling you to:

Import your Facebook events to Tangopolix with a click
Assign already created events to your account
Easily Manage your events on the go from your smartphone

However there is a small pre-requiste. In order to take full control of your events you need to upgrade your tangopolix account to “User Category: Event Organiser”. The upgrade is free of charge but we require this step to ensure that only legitimate tango event organisers get access to publish content in our website and that we prevent from spam and unsuitable content being displayed. You can achieve this in three easy steps:

  1. Register at Tangopolix. You can complete our registration form or alternatively you can use your Google, Facebook or Twitter credentials for a hassle free and quick registration. You'll be registered by default with “User Category: Social Dancer”. register picture
  2. Edit your profile and change your User Category to “Event Organiser (requires approval)”. You'll see a new tab “Organiser Info” where you can provide a description about you or your team and link to your social profiles. Provide as much info as possible and save your changes. change user category picture
  3. Our moderators will evaluate your request (the more info you provide in the Organiser Info tab the better) and once approved you'll receive a confirmation email.

That's it, you'll be all set up. Once your account gets approved as Event Organiser you will be able to Create new Events, Edit your own Events and Claim already existing events.

manage events picture
Before creating a new event please make sure that this event is not already listed on tangopolix in order to avoid duplicates and confusion within people who may have already bookmarked your event. Use the search functionality here to check quickly whether your event is already in our database.

If your event is already listed at tangopolix you can assign it to your account by using the “Claim Events” functionality. Then the event is yours and you will be able to edit it as usual.

claim an event picture

We are here to help so please feel free to contact us for any doubts you might have.

Main benefits of managing the information about your events

Make your event more searchable
by completing the Event Details section. This will allow dancers to find your event based on different search types, including: dates of the event, location, Maestros, tags, registration type and dates, services, etc
Make your event more attractive and better looking
by including your own description narrative, pictures and video.
Make your event more trustworthy
by publishing an organiser profile to show who you are and allow people interested in your events to connect with you at different social networks.
Ensure your information is accurate
by keeping it up to date at all times and providing a link to your event website or Facebook group for further information

Still have some doubts?

Visit our Event Organisers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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