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Tangopolix welcomes all tango event organisers to promote their tango events in our website. Regardless of whether you organise big international events or smaller parties aimed at your local community, your tango event can benefit from showing up on the search results of local and/or foreign tango dancers who are looking for tango events with similar characteristics to the one you organise.

Make your event easy to find via searches that matter

and stand out from the social media chaos

Tangopolix offers tango dancers a very comprehensive and easy way of browsing through and discovering tango festivals, marathons, seminars, etc thanks to its fully indexed and categorised directory, which has been specially designed for tango events.

As an event organiser, tangopolix offers you the possibility to create,publish and manage an entry into our event's database completely free of charge. Even if your event is already listed in tangopolix you can claim ownership and take control of the data published in it.

Main benefits of managing the information about your events

Make your event more searchable
by completing the Event Details section. This will allow dancers to find your event based on different search types, including: dates of the event, location, Maestros, tags, registration type and dates, services, etc
Make your event more attractive and better looking
by including your own description narrative, pictures and video.
Make your event more trustworthy
by publishing an organiser profile to show who you are and allow people interested in your events to connect with you at different social networks.
Ensure your information is accurate
by keeping it up to date at all times and providing a link to your event website or Facebook group for further information

So, ready to take ownership of your events at tangopolix?

Learn how to manage your tango events

Still have some doubts?

Visit our Event Organisers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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