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Tango Event Organisers

Tangopolix is the leading online platform dedicated to help tango event organisers all over the world with the marketing and management of their events.

Thanks to Tangopolix, organisers cannot only improve the popularity of their tango events considerably but also manage the whole registration process like real professionals via tangopolix event management software.

These are the main areas tangopolix can help you with:

Add your events to Tangopolix for free

Tangopolix welcomes all tango event organisers to promote their tango events in our website. Regardless of whether you organise big international events or smaller parties aimed at your local community, your tango event will benefit greatly from being exposed to the biggest audience of tangueros.

How to publish your events

Sell more registrations/tickets and provide the best service to your participants

Tangopolix Event Management Software allows you to get paid for your events quickly and easily, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It enables the organising team to put in place sophisticated marketing strategies and removes all the administrative tasks by completely automating registrations, payments, notifications and tickets. In addition, it makes your events much more professional and greatly improves the participants’ experience.

Event Management Software

Boost the popularity of your tango events even further

Those organisers who want to maximise the visibility of their events and make sure their campaigns have the highest impact, can get that extra push via Tangopolix Marketing Services. We offer different online marketing strategies to make sure that your event does not go unnoticed.

Marketing Services
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