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About us

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We love tango ( and are a little bit obsessed with it, why not acknowledge it...) as you probably do too and our main goal is to empower the global tango community to do what they like most, dancing tango.

Ever wondered...

  • could I search for tango events that fit my personal requirements?
  • ...where and when are my favourite tango maestros teaching?
  • I missing out on great tango events that I don't see via my social network contacts?
  • ..are there any objective reviews out there about this event I'm interested in?

We use today's technology to help you find your own answers to these simple but very common questions. And we have many more great ideas coming to prevent your tango hungry heart from starving ;)

We do all this for the milongueros of the world like you, so we would love to hear what you think. Please feel free to share a comment on our social profiles to give us some feedback or send us some good vibes so we keep going and improving.

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