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Frequently Asked Questions

Event Publishing

Does it cost any money to publish my event at tangopolix?

No. You can create a page for your tango event and populate it with information completely free of charge.

My event is in Facebook, why should I use tangopolix?

Tangopolix maximises your audience beyond those connected to your Facebook profile or groups. Tangueros come to tangopolix not only searching for international festivals but also looking to see if any events are happening in their local communities and nearby towns. In addition, whereas in Facebook your adds quickly sink and become difficult to find because of the vast amount of information being published in this social network, tangopolix makes your event information fully searchable so dancers can find your tango event very easily by applying very simple filters. Moreover, your tango event will benefit from all the marketing initiatives carried out by tangopolix and you can import the info from your Facebook event to tangopolix with a single click.

How can my event benefit the most from being listed on tangopolix?

Tangopolix provides extensive searching and filtering capabilities to help dancers find tango event's that meet their requirements very easily. Hence, by providing as much information as possible for your tango event you allow tango dancers to easily find it. For example, tagging your event as “role balanced” or “relaxed & casual” will ensure that when users search for events that include these tags your event will appear in their search results. You can also select the maestros that will be teaching at your tango festival to allow dancers to find your event when they search for specific maestros. It is also very important to provide a nice picture to make your event stand out in the list of events and to provide a link to your website for those interested to learn more about it.

How can I publish my event at tangopolix?

In order to be able to publish your tango event you need to register as Event Organiser. The process is explained in our guide how to publish your tango events.

My event is already listed at tangopolix, how can I add more information?

First you need to register as Event Organiser as explained in how to publish your tango events. Once approved, click the button “Claim an Event” at the bottom of your profile, select your event from the list and click “Take ownership”. That's it, now you can manage your event's info, import your Facebook event, add videos, pictures and fully categorise it.

I would like my event to feature at tangopolix homepage, is it possible?

Yes, featured events gain 10 times more visibility than the rest of the events. When we mark your event as featured, your event will not only appear at tangopolix home page but also it will be shown in the first page of search results whenever your event matches the filters applied by the user. Please get in touch and we will arrange it for you.

Event Management Software

Does it support Tango Marathons / Encuentros Milongueros?

We appreciate that the registration process for Tango Marathons and Encuentros Milongueros is a bit different to Tango Festivals. A single ticket tends to be on offer for the whole weekend as opposed to individual tickets for milongas and workshops and also some organisers want to control who joins the event by approving the participants before they are given the chance to pay.

All this is perfectly supported by tangopolix software.

A ticket can represent any product/service that you want to offer to your participants, you can sell a single ticket per person if that's all they need for the whole weekend or for example you may give the choice to the participant to pay for the food separately - so a second ticket could be created for the food. You can offer as much or as little flexibility as you want. To allow the organiser to control who joins the event we have designed a two steps registration flow where the participant submits his/her details as pre-registration without having to pay for it at that moment in time, then once the organiser approves the request the participant is automatically given the chance to pay the tickets he/she previously chose. This process is explained more in detail here.

Does it support Tango Seminars and Tango Schools?

Yes, absolutely. Tango academies and teachers can greatly increase sales and revenue for their workshops and seminars thanks to the new marketing strategies that tangopolix enables via online ticket selling.

Online marketing is very powerful but it is even more effective if you are able to provide the ability to buy online from you as soon as people receive your publicity. With tangopolix you are selling your workshops 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, we support discounts and promotions as explained here, including coupons to get your students to engage their friends. We can provide some advice about marketing strategies, talk to us.

How does it compare with generalist software services like Eventbrite?

We are a boutique platform specialized in tango events, hence our software has been designed with tango events in mind. For example, we have different registration flows for leaders, followers, and couples which means you have immediate access to this information as an organiser (e.g. in our mobile app you can see how many leaders and followers are registered in each workshop or milonga ) and can also apply different pricing/promotions for each group independently. We also have a “two steps registration process” (optional) which has been specially designed for Tango Marathons and Encuentros Milongueros.

In addition, we give you very personal support. To start with, we configure the whole system for you so you don't need to learn and spend time configuring all the ticket types, fees, payment methods, etc as you would need to do with the other platforms. We will try to adapt the registration process for your event to your requirements as much as possible and we can develop new features very quickly.

A very important difference to consider is that the majority of generalist event software services will not give you access to your money until your event finishes, however with tangopolix you can start putting your money to use before your event starts.

And quite likely our pricing will be more attractive. In previous events that have used our service the total cost has worked out less than half of what the organiser would have paid with Eventbrite.

What payment methods are supported?

The easiest, quickest and safest way to pay online is via credit/debit card. And that is how the majority of people pay online nowadays for flight tickets or Amazon stuff.

By default, we allow your participants to pay you via credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, and CB). We can also give them the choice of paying you via direct debit by using their internet banking credentials. The latter payment method is available either via iDeal (Netherlands) and SOFORT/Klarna (Germany and Austria).

If you need to offer a different payment method to your participants please talk to us since we can add more options quite easily.

How does the registration process work? Can I have the chance to approve participants before they are given the option to pay?

The majority of tango events fall within one of the following two registration models:

  1. One-step registration: typical for the majority of events where the participant registers and pays in a single action.
  2. Two-steps registration: typical for Marathons and Encuentros Milongueros where the organiser wants to control who joins the event - the participant first does a pre-registration and, if the organiser approves it, pays as a second step.

Tangopolix supports both processes by defining different statuses for a participant's order and then moving that order through those statuses either automatically or manually (by the organiser).

For example, the one-step registration flow works as follows:

  1. The participant selects the tickets he wants to buy, fill in his details in the registration form and click the "pay now" button -> in this moment an order is created with status "CREATED" where all his details are captured.
  2. He is immediately presented with the credit card payment form. If the credit card is accepted then the order status is automatically changed to "CONFIRMED" and the tickets are generated.

With two-steps registration it goes like this:

  1. The participant selects the tickets he wants to buy (maybe there is only one ticket for the whole event), fill in his details in the registration form and clicks the "Register" button -> an order is created automatically with status "CREATED" where all his details are captured.
  2. He is not asked to pay in that moment and he is shown a message explaining his registration request is under consideration. The order is moved automatically to the "PENDING" status and NO tickets are generated.
  3. The organiser logs into his tangopolix account and can change the status of the order to either "READY FOR PAYMENT" (participant accepted) or "CANCELLED" (participant rejected). In both cases, the participant is notified automatically.
  4. If the order is in "READY FOR PAYMENT" status the notification the participant receives has a button saying "Pay now order XYZ" (he can also pay by logging in to his tangopolix profile and going to his orders' section). When he clicks the button he is presented with the form to enter his credit card details. If the credit card is accepted then the order status is automatically changed to "CONFIRMED" and the tickets are generated.

If you need a different registration process please talk to us and we will evaluate possible solutions.

How does the money flow?

Our vision is that we want to make the process of paying and getting paid as simple and secure as possible for the payer and the payee. The simplest and most secure way of paying online nowadays is by credit card, that's what people is used to when buying from Amazon and Ryanair for example. Hence we want to give the tango event organisers the possibility of accepting credit card payments easily. From the business perspective, it is very important to us that the event organiser gets paid directly by the participant so we don't have to hold any tax liability for that money. But at the same time, we want to be able to help the event organiser to be up and running as soon as possible and don't leave him/her alone in setting up payment solutions with banks or payment processors.

So we came up with a very elegant solution via a financial company in Luxembourg which is now our partner and help us automate all the processes of paying and getting paid via electronic wallets (e-Wallet) that they manage.

When a customer pays for its tickets, the system then splits the payment and deposits the organiser’s money in the organiser’s e-Wallet and the tangopolix fee into tangopolix’s e-Wallet. Example, the participant pays 10 euros for a ticket (his credit card statement will show a 10 Euros charge), the organiser receives 9.5 Euros in his e-Wallet and tangopolix receives 0.5 Euros in tangopolix e-Wallet (0.5 euros is not a real fee, just an example).

What is the e-Wallet exactly?

The e-Wallet is an electronic money account (think of it as a bank account) we open for the organiser with our financial partner (Leetchi Corp SA, a licensed electronic money issuer) and the account is under the organiser’s name. Tangopolix does not touch the organiser’s money, we just enable him/her to see the balance in his/her e-Wallet and to trigger a transfer from that e-Wallet to his/her bank account (from the Vendor Control Panel at the tangopolix website). The organiser’s bank account details and identification documents are NOT hosted by tangopolix but by Leetchi in their systems (which have bank standards security). Leetchi complies with all European Financial regulations and they store the money they hold for the electronic wallets in three Banks (Barclays, Crédit Mutuel Arkéa and ING Luxembourg.) in the name of the e-Wallet owner. So, in the very unlikely and worst case scenario where both tangopolix and Leetchi suddenly disappear the organiser’s money will still be under his/her name in one of those banks and protected by the European Central Bank. However, we don't expect the organiser to hold his/her money in the e-Wallet for long since surely he/she will be transferring it out into his/her bank account quickly. In essence, the e-Wallet is just a tool to collect credit card payments which saves the organiser from all the bureaucracy and expenses required to open a merchant account with a bank.

What’s the price?

Since we market our product worldwide, the complexities of dealing with different currencies, payment methods and taxes make it difficult to have standard pricing. Moreover, the differences between tango event types (e.g. on a tango marathon participants buy a single ticket for the whole weekend vs a festival where individual tickets for milongas and workshops are purchased) add additional complexity. For these reasons we provide bespoke pricing on a per event basis, that way we can analyse every case and make sure we provide the most competitive offer. We have two ways of calculating fees:

  1. Taking the customer's final price as reference - example: Ticket price 10 Euros ( Fee 0.52 euros, organisers receives 9.48 Euros)
  2. Taking the money the organiser receives as reference - example: Ticket price 10.54 Euros ( Fee 0.54 euros, organisers receives 10 Euros)

Applying model 2) the organiser receives per ticket what he/she has budgeted for, that means the net cost of using tangopolix is zero. In other words, it works as if each of the participants makes a small contribution to benefit from a much more efficient and secure registration system and at the same time it releases the organiser from lots of stress and allows him/her to concentrate on what really adds value to his/her event.

Is there a contract that governs the service?

Yes, the Vendor Agreement sets the conditions of the service provided to a Vendor (event organiser that sells tickets through tangopolix) by tangopolix. The Buyer Agreement sets the conditions under which participants buy tickets through tangopolix. The event organiser is responsible to provide the Terms and Conditions under which a participant buys tickets for his/her event. The event organiser can provide this information in the Vendor Control Panel of his tangopolix profile and then it will be shown automatically to the participant during the registration process.

How can I try the system?

We have set up a demo event here where you can buy tickets for this fictitious event and pay via a testing payment method. That way you can see how easy it is for a participant to get his tickets. If you then want to see a demo event from the organiser’s point of view, that is, get access to the TGPX Pro mobile app (scan tickets, check guest lists) and the Vendor Control Panel (orders, customers, tickets, e-Wallet, reporting, etc), please get in touch

Can the system support promotions and discounts?

Yes. All sorts of promotions and discount can be applied to help you with your marketing initiatives, for example, discounts up to a certain date (e.g. Early Bird), muti-ticket packs (e.g. all milonga’s pack), coupons (e.g. promoter based codes ), volume discounts (e.g. reduced price per workshop based on number on workshops booked), etc

Can we have different pricing for VIP, members or special guests?

Yes. Tickets can have different pricing for users within a specific user group.

Can we control and adjust capacity?

Yes. We can assign a specific capacity for each ticket type and once they run out a “sold out” message will automatically appear and no more sales will be accepted. This capacity can be adjusted on demand following instructions by the event organiser.

Can we customise the info requested from participants?

Yes. The event organiser can decide what information participants will be asked for when they register. By default participants are asked to provide name and surname but if the event organiser needs to collect more information like phone number or special dietary requirements that can be easily arranged. This can even be arranged conditionally, for example, if only the Saturday milonga includes food then only participants who buy the Saturday milonga ticket will be asked to make a menu choice.

Can we include the registration page on our website?

Yes, the organiser could have a page on the event’s website where the participant could complete the purchase through our software. A few lines of HTML code that we would give you could be easily copied into the page you use for taking registrations.

However, it is important as well to understand that during the checkout process we ask the participant to login with their tangopolix credentials (email and password) or create a new account ( with email and password) - so participants need to be aware that they are using tangopolix's registration system. The reason for this is because all the information about the participant’s orders and tickets gets stored in their tangopolix profile. This way participants can always find their tickets and the receipts by login into their tangopolix profile with their email address and password. This is especially useful when people buy their tickets well in advance since tracking down the confirmation email, later on, becomes challenging if they booked some months ahead of the event. At the same time, it also helps people that forget the tickets at home because they can login into their tangopolix profile from their mobile phone and open their tickets on the spot ( so there is no real need for them to even print them).

Can I export the data to my own systems?

Yes, the event organiser can very easily export all the information contained in his/her event’s orders into a spreadsheet. This is very useful for example if the organiser maintains his/her own email lists.

Can I have a paper list of participants?

Yes. Quite likely it will not be needed since all the information about guest lists is available via the TGPX Pro mobile app, however if the event organiser wants to print the guest lists because there is no internet connection on the event venue or simply as a backup, he/she can easily export the guest list into spreadsheets from the Vendor Control Panel at his/her tangopolix profile.

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