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Workshop ladies Tango Technique in Seville

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Workshop ladies Tango Technique in Seville

Workshop ladies Tango Technique in Seville

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This tango workshop for ladies, (10 hours), is design in a progressive way to bring you the possibility to recognize and explore your singularities and abilities dancing, allowing you to develop your own tango, diving inside and increasing a deeper connection with yourself, to establish a better and more creative connection with your partner dancing.

Each theme chosen allows the integration of essential tango technique concept and biodynamic knowledge necessary to develop your creative potential.

The main general objective would be to improve the body awareness and the sensitive perception; the consciousness of your own energy, body rhythms, sensibility, sensuality, musicality and breathing, to propitiate a smooth and fluid dance discovering how to express more your feelings in the dance, being active in your receptivity, receptive in your activity to have more pleasure in the tango partnership.

Respect your way of being in each moment, recognize and accept what you feel at any time, your different frame of mind, emotional, physical state or condition, to be able to derive full benefit of your own singularity, which appears in many form, will be another goal to keep during all the workshop, as the confidence dancing grow when we’re able to do so!

The technical medium proposal is provide “key, codes and tips” to increment your stability and capacity to dominate the axis at any time, finding a true balance, no to be more reliant on your partner when you dance thus being able to completely express yourself, and to encourage and facilitate the improvisation.
Each workshop includes different approaches to travel in the body and specific exercises according to the different aspect we’ll focus on.

Apart of specifics tango exercises, others from different method will be practiced and adapted to optimize and integrate by the feeling different technique aspect that require the tango, creating “bridge” between the sensation felt in the exercise, and the dance.
Yoga; to develop a better awareness of the posture, axis, balance, polarity, line of strength, sustain and alignment of the different segment of the body, to reinforce the core, to recognize how our way to breath (which change according what we experiment, feel, think…) could affect or way to dance, how certain situation dancing modify our way to breath, and how to use the breathing to relax, ground, in our advantage allowing more freedom and connection with oneself and the other dancing.

Alexander technique;
To understand the bio-mecanique of the walk, being able to discover and modify progressively certain habits which unable to distribute properly the wait of the all body on the feet; essential aspect to build a posture which adapt itself to the movement required dancing in the most simple and natural way, understanding what’s physically means the concept of support leg and free leg, essential to create any kind of adornment.

Bioenergy (alexander lowen);
To unlock energetic nuts in the body which unable to establish a good connection with the floor, an adequate coordination between different part of the body, facilitating a better circulation of the energy from inside to outside, and reciprocally)

Chi kun;
To discover different body’s energetic circuit (in static and movement), allowing the empowerment of the center of gravity, the grounding, incrementing the possibilities of communication and participation with the other…

Method of release of shields (metodo de liberacion de corazas MLC) inspired by francois meziere and ida rolf; to relax the body and liberate it from tension of all kind to get more fluidity and elasticity dancing)

COST; 110 pounds

LEVEL: Intermediate and above.

MILONGAS: Wednesday, practica Friday, and a milonga once a month, Saturday, (once or 2 a month), Sunday evenings. And probably more...

I will help with advice on flights, hotels, sharing self-catering apartments etc. So it can be tailored to your requirements. Places will only be guaranteed once the full workshop fee (£110 per person) has been paid.


  • Location:
    Seville, Spain
    Event dates:
    From: Friday, 24 November 2017 - To: Sunday, 26 November 2017
    Seville, Spain
    Event dates:
    Event Starts: Friday, 24 November 2017
    Event Ends: Sunday, 26 November 2017
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