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Tango intensive seminar

with Daniela Pucci and Luis Bianchi
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Tango intensive seminar

Tango intensive seminar

with Daniela Pucci and Luis Bianchi
with Daniela Pucci and Luis Bianchi
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Oct 10 to 17, 2015

with Daniela Pucci & Luis Bianchi

Understanding Milonguero, Salon and Nuevo Styles

What characterizes milonguero, salon and nuevo? Do you know the difference? Do you have a preference?

We believe that each style offers beautiful and unique resources for expression, and that the best tango is that which is well-danced and expressive, beyond labels. This series of workshops was designed from this point of view. Our goal is to give students a better understanding of the different styles of social tango and to equip them with an expanded set of resources for expressing the music.

More specifically, we will explore:

• the techniques for walking in each style, looking at their inherent staccato, legato and pendular qualities;

• the techniques for turning, looking at how they differ completely in terms of use of pivots, dissociation, momentum and space, creating very different sensations;

• some of the vocabulary that is characteristic of each style, including the tiniest and most playful (and useful!) milonguero turns, sublime salon turns with sacadas, enrosques and planeos, and dynamic nuevo turns combined with very gently led (but very powerful!) boleos;

• most importantly, how to apply the different techniques to rhythmic, melodic and dramatic music, matching the quality of movement to the quality of the sound and making your own choices to create personal interpretations.

Daniela and Luis met during her first trip to Buenos Aires. What was supposed to be Luis's last tanda for the night turned into two hours of dancing together. The magical connection they experienced that night led them to share their tangopaths. Daniela left her career as an MIT engineering professor to join Luis as his tango partner. Luis left Buenos Aires to join her in NewYork City, where they currently reside.

Daniela and Luis' performances have been described as sensational,passionate, musical, and technically impeccable. Their dance is based ondeep knowledge of the different styles of tango: milonguero, salon,nuevo and stage, which they blend with ease and fluidity to create very personal interpretations.

Level: Advanced

Languages of instruction: English, German

Fee: EUR 835 per person per week

Price includes 15 hours of teaching, lodging in doubleroom and meals (beverages included) for the entire week of the course, including the booking charge. There is an extra charge for single rooms of an additional EUR 120 per week. Please contact us about details of instruction, lodging and food.

Tango at Villa La Rogaia

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Learn to dance Tango quicker in small intimate groups. Maximum number of participants only 9 couples per class !

Individual attention and intensive learning guaranteed .

Practice what you have learned during your daily Tango lessons dancing every night after dinner.

Registration possible also without partner !

Spend a relaxing week at Villa La Rogaia, an old countryhouse with a large garden and a pool. La Rogaia is situated in the hills above Lake Trasimeno between Rome and Florence.

Relax in your individually crafted beautiful double or single room (shared bathroom for two bedrooms) or in your own private holiday appartment (for two persons).

Enjoy our hearty and healthy breakfast and authentic Umbrian cuisine freshly prepared by Mamma Ornella for dinner.

Get inspired by Italy's wealth of culture and history: We can arrange art historical tours to Arezzo, Assisi or Perugia and more.
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  • Location:
    Castel Rigone, Italy
    Event dates:
    From: Saturday, 10 October 2015 - To: Saturday, 17 October 2015
    Castel Rigone, Italy
    Event dates:
    Event Starts: Saturday, 10 October 2015
    Event Ends: Saturday, 17 October 2015
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