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Seminarhelg med Stefania Colina og Juan Martin Carrara

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Seminarhelg med Stefania Colina og Juan Martin Carrara

Seminarhelg med Stefania Colina og Juan Martin Carrara

50 out of 100 with 4 ratings


Tango Abrazo ønsker Stefania og Juan Martin velkomne til Bergen for første gang! Vi er utrolig heldige som får dette fantastiske paret til Bergen på kort varsel, takket være deres vennskap med Irem og Gøran.

Seminarene holdes i intime Jekteviken, og det blir maks ti par per klasse - førstemann og -kvinne til mølla.

Stefania Colina and Juan Martin Carrara are Tango Salón dancers and choreoraphers from Uruguay. Young, talented and diligent, they dance with respect for the tradition and the music, and yet keep working on new forms of expression and their own development in the salon and on the stage.

Being extremely popular teachers in Buenos Aires, Montevideo and elsewhere, their classes allow one to hear and feel what is most intangible in tango. Their exquisite musicality, charm and sensibility have won them many hearts all over the globe.

Juan Martin started his dancing career when he was 13 years old as a ballet and contemporary dancer and an actor of musical comedy. After a few years he met with tango and at the same time with Stefanía, and fell in love with both.

Stefania also started her career as a ballet and contemporary dancer, in the "Orlama" School, at the age of 4. She graduated at 17 and became a teacher of the school. During that time she had the opportunity to experience many dance styles that were taught as a complement to ballet, and that is how she met with tango and Juan Martin.

From that day started a passionate life-changing story for both of them. Together they left all they had in Uruguay and moved to Buenos Aires with nothing more than their intense desire to dance and teach tango.

(alt foregår i Jekteviken. Maks ti par pr klasse)

Torsdag 8. mars
2130-2330 Velkomst- og kvinnedagsmilonga. DJ Ingeborg Steffensen. Gratis inngang!

Fredag 9. mars:
1930-2100: «How to manage the MUSIC» - del 1 (INT/ADV)
-Study of the typical music structure, control the differents rhythms and melodies.
2100-0100 Milonga. DJ Trud Antzée. Inngang kr 50/80 for medlemmer/andre

Lørdag 10. mars:
1200-1330: «Milonga traspie» (INT/ADV)
- Musicality, close embrace and differents combinations, playing with the accents.
1400-1530 «How to manage the MUSIC» - del 2 (INT/ADV)
2000-0100 Festmilonga med show. DJ Pared de Piedra. Inngang kr 100/150 for medlemmer/andre

Søndag 11. mars:
1200-1330: «Master the walk» (ALLE NIVÅER)
-footwork, function of free leg, back leg, posture connection and embrace
1400-1530 «Master the giros» (ADV)
- technical resources for all types of giros, enrosques, lapis, soft and rhythmical dynamic
1900-2200 Milonga, DJ JonnyK. Inngang kr 50/80 for medlemmer/andre

Klassene koster kr 600 per par, og du melder deg på via, her:


  • Location:
    Bergen, Norway
    Event dates:
    From: Thursday, 08 March 2018 - To: Sunday, 11 March 2018
    Bergen, Norway
    Event dates:
    Event Starts: Thursday, 08 March 2018
    Event Ends: Sunday, 11 March 2018
  • Juan Martin Carrara
    Stefania Colina
    Juan Martin Carrara
    Stefania Colina
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