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Michelle Lamb Tango Workshops

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Michelle Lamb Tango Workshops

Michelle Lamb Tango Workshops

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Michelle Lamb tango workshops - Missoula!
January 13th - 15th, 2017 - Save the date!
Five Workshops, three milongas,
private lessons, BBQ potluck.

Early registration - Whole weekend $115

Friday, January 13th

6:30 - 8:00 pm - Class 1 - Gravity, Force and Geometry. States of Being, natural response and precise imagery for better connection. Exercises to create balanced tension in the embrace.

8:00 - Midnight - Opening milonga. - DJ: ???

Saturday, January 14th

1:30 - 3:00 pm - Class 2 - "Be like water" - In vals. Fluidity and automatic responses.

3:30 - 5:00 pm - Class 3 - Creating Instinctive and natural movement for better musical conversation.

8:00 - 9:00 pm - Pre-milonga Introductory class. - Taught by Local instructors.

9:00 - 1:00 pm - Grand Milonga - Theme: ??? DJ - ???

1:15 - ??? - Late, late alternative milonga! - DJ - Danny Ripcord
We'll go as late as there's energy!

Sunday, January 15th

1:00 - 2:30 pm - Class 4 - Familiar steps and interesting repetitions for social improvisation.
Playing with timing and reverse engineering positions and exits, with chaining and repositions.

3:00 - 4:30 pm - Class 5 - Creativity and improvisation for milonga. Playing with recurring rhythms,
patterns and learning others patterns.

5:30 - Potluck farewell dinner.

Potluck Location: 615 N. Davis St., Missoula - Head west on W. Main St. for 2 1/2 blocks. Turn right onto Orange St.; get into the left lane immediately and turn left on Broadway. Follow Broadway to the Russell St. intersection (the 3rd stoplight). Turn left onto Russell and cross the bridge. Take the first right, onto River Rd., and follow River approximately 1 mile. Turn left onto Davis St. (If you hit Reserve you've gone too far.) Ours is the brick house on the corner of River and Davis, with lots of trees and bushes.

Private sessions available with Michelle are available on a first come, first serve basis.

They are $100/hr. Privates are available on Friday afternoon, after classes on Saturday and Sunday, and possibly some on Monday in Potomac!


  • Location:
    Missoula, United States
    Event dates:
    From: Friday, 13 January 2017 - To: Sunday, 15 January 2017
    Missoula, United States
    Event dates:
    Event Starts: Friday, 13 January 2017
    Event Ends: Sunday, 15 January 2017
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