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TangoKinesis 2017 Cruise

Teaching the body to dance...
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TangoKinesis 2017 Cruise

TangoKinesis 2017 Cruise

Teaching the body to dance...
Teaching the body to dance...
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There are still a few spots left. Join us! Call Lyn McCrory   601.582.3300

2nd TangoKinesis Cruise - January 29 -February 5, 2017

Teaching the body to dance by understanding natural movement and energies....DanceKinesis/TangoKinesis

Maestra Andrea Fuchilieri & Maestro Percell St.Thomass bring you: 10 hours of classes & 6 milongas


1. Walking In Tango - Posture & Intention of Movement: Being crounded & connected; individually & as a couple.

2. The Code of Tango I:  The Perfect Walk (Walk in 1s & 3s)

3. The Beauty of the Embrace: Exploring open & close embrace, & how to comfortably hold each other on the dance floor.

4. The Code of Tango II: Movement & The Embrace: Movement & The Embrace (The secret of the molinete)

5. Sacadas to Front Cross, Back Cross & Side Steps: Understanding the principles of displacements.

6. The Code of Tango III: The Creating & Taking of Space: Connecting with Entrada, Barrida, & Arrastre

7. Musicality & Phrasing: Listening With The Body: Stay with the music, even when your partner is not.

8. Following For Leads: LADIES, this is for you too! Please attend.

9. Embellishments & Technique For Followers: Effectively follow & embellish to the music without disturbing the lead. (Leaders welcome! might need to know this stuff too!)

10. Making It Look Advanced: A little Fantasia

Privates available upon request. $125/hour


All taxes and fees included. For Updated Pricing & Registration Call 601.582.3300   Lyn McCrory, Travel Consultant, Pro Travel, Inc (code word 'Tango Cruise') Special $50 deposit  -  REGISTER TODAY!  *(for privates


  • Location:
    Port of New Orleans Place, New Orleans, LA, United States (view map)
    Event dates:
    From: Sunday, 29 January 2017 - To: Sunday, 05 February 2017
    Port of New Orleans Place, New Orleans, LA, United States (view map)
    Event dates:
    Event Starts: Sunday, 29 January 2017
    Event Ends: Sunday, 05 February 2017
  • Is registration required prior to the event?
    Required - No tickets at the door
    Registration Opens:
    Wednesday, 01 June 2016
    Registration Closes:
    Tuesday, 24 January 2017
    Is registration required prior to the event?
    Required - No tickets at the door
    Registration Opens:
    Wednesday, 01 June 2016
    Registration Closes:
    Tuesday, 24 January 2017
  • Percell St.Thomass
    Andrea Fuchilieri
    Percell St.Thomass
    Andrea Fuchilieri
  • Accommodation:
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Agent and event organizer for TangoKinesis, the official Authentic tango curriculum researched and taught for more than 25 years by Buenos Aires recognized Maestro, Percell St.Thomass. The most revolutionary body movement training program on the market. Tango as you have always imagined it should be. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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  • Comment Link Sherri Wimberly

    Can't wait! Save me a tanda!

  • Comment Link Sherri Wimberly

    What TangoKinesis students are saying:

    ‎Lee Hilson‎ to Percell St Thomass
    Yesterday at 4:01pm · Pocahontas, MS ·
    I just had a Percell moment, as I was walking to my room with a wide and straight carpet flooring, I fell into the 8 count basic. It is the first step that caught my attention. Lately, I had slipped into the sloppy execution of my 1st step by failing to slightly rotate (or screw as was once suggested) my upper body to my right. I had not fully appreciated the screw action. Incorrectly, I would sway the lady to get her weight on her right while stepping straight back, thinking that I had her weight where it needed to be. That is when I had a Percell moment, realizing that as I step back making a small contra rotation, this induces a natural bio-mechanical forward step with her left leg as my contra rotation elicits her left hip forward and the leg is going to follow the hip’s lead to maintain balance.
    I heard your voice in my head speaking of how the leg always moves forward and hips are responsible for rotation (turning), this is not a quote just how I filtered it in my thoughts. So now it is with greater clarity that I see that body rotation, normal or contra must be in agreement with weighted foot of the follower.
    Can you tell that I feel imprisoned in my house by the Summer heat and humidity?
    8You, Giovanni Fontecchio, Jeanette Stephens and 5 others
    Dede Alsup Franciskato
    Dede Alsup Franciskato perfect-Percell is always running through our heads
    Like · Reply · 1 · Yesterday at 5:15pm
    Becke Collins
    Becke Collins I wish there was a share with this. Not all leaders have this, and it is good for beginners to hear again as well.
    Like · Reply · 2 · Yesterday at 5:59pm
    Percell St Thomass
    Percell St Thomass I wish there were a share with it also. There are leads, follows, beginners, inters, advancers, and even some teachers who need to hear and understand these things. I was fortunate enough to make the practica last saturday, and was told repeatedly how the little movement/lead/follow tips that I was able to offer helped greatly with the movements that were being danced. This is not a pat on my back; it is a testament to how important these things are; how illusive they can be (even to pros); and, what a joy it is when the dancer feels that 'DK" moment. (LOL...thanks for calling it a Percell moment, Lee. I liked that) :D :D
    Like · Reply · 19 hrs
    Becke Collins
    Becke Collins If we think we have arrived and will not received instruction, we are the worse for it. It is a never ending process.

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    Percell St Thomass
    Percell St Thomass Hey Lee! That's great! Those moments will begin to come more and more frequently as you continue to study and progress. Thanks for sticking it out with me, and more so with yourself. I promised that I could get you there, and you're doing it! Thanks for the post.

  • Comment Link Sherri Wimberly

    There is still time to join the 2017 TangoKinesis Cruise to the Caribbean! Call Lyn McCrory today: 601.582.39401

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