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Samsun Tango Meeting

Vol 6
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Samsun Tango Meeting

Samsun Tango Meeting

Vol 6
Vol 6
50 out of 100 with 4 ratings


Brenno Marques Lucas & Eva Icikson (Arjantin)
Yalçın Uğur & Vera Gogoleva (Moskova)

Ali Kemal Özkan (Marmaris)
Eser Kuru (Ankara)
Ezgi Turmus Binici (Samsun)

Uzun saatli milongalar, ikramlar, harika derslerle deniz manzaralı mekanımızda, hesaplı, tangoya doyuran bir etkinliğe hazır olun...
7-8-9 Aralık!

TangoSam mutlulukla sunar...

English ?
Milonga Programme

7 December
Friday; 21.30-03.00 Tdj. Eser Kuru
Performance: Yalcın Ugur&Vera Gogoleva

8 December
Saturday; 21.30-04.00 Tdj. Ali Kemal Ozkan
Performance: Brenno Marquez & Eva Icikson

9 December
Sunday; 20.30-01.00 Tdj. Ezgi Turmus
Closing dance

All milongas in Cafe Home Atakum
Festival Hotel is Tukis Hotel ( 5 min. by walking from venue)
Please contact us for booking

Workshop Programme

Yalçın & Vera ; Class 1: 14.00-15.15
WHEN YOU DO CLOSE EMBRACE: Creating space, turning and rhtymical phrases (All levels)

Class 2: 15.30-16.45
BACK SACADAS (All levels)

Class 3: 17.00-18.15
COLGADAS: Simply using for dance floor (İntermediate-advance)

Brenno &Eva ; Class 1: 14.00-15.15
TUNE İT UP: Melodic and rhythmical phrasing and interpretation for tango (All levels)

Class 2: 15.30-16.45
WHEN NOTHİNG GOES RİGHT, GO LEFT:Sequences, change of directions and variations for turns. (All level)

Class 3: 17.00-18.15
DREAM BİG: Turns and planeos with enrosques for leaders and followers. (İntermediate-Advance)

About prices;
Milongas: Friday 40 TL
Saturday 45 TL
Sunday 35 TL
Full pass: 100 TL

Workshops: 1 lesson 50 tl
2 lessons 90 tl
3 lessons 120 tl
4 lessons 150 tl
5 lessons 180 tl
All lessons 200 tl

Dont miss this event!
Good quality teachers, milongas and djs and also everything is economical?


  • Location:
    Samsun, Turkey
    Event dates:
    From: Friday, 07 December 2018 - To: Sunday, 09 December 2018
    Samsun, Turkey
    Event dates:
    Event Starts: Friday, 07 December 2018
    Event Ends: Sunday, 09 December 2018
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