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16 Firenze Tango Festival

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16 Firenze Tango Festival

16 Firenze Tango Festival

50 out of 100 with 4 ratings


25 – 29 April 2018
16th Firenze Tango Festival

“A Masterpiece of Festival in Florence”

Since 2002 the Tango Club Firenze directed by Patricia Hilliges & Matteo Panero has been organizing this extraordinary Tango Event in Florence. For the last fifteen years passionate Tangueros from all over the world love the pleasant atmosphere and the international flair of this Festival: Exciting tango-nights in amazing Festival locations. Last year we changed the style and mood of our Festival: the main venue is at Teatro Affratellamento which is a cosy milonga in an old theatre near to the river and to the city center. The wooden floor, the smaller size of the location and limited number of participants turned this event into an exclusive festival though it maintained its international character. The gala night is at “Circolo Grassina” with a bigger dancing floor and where the tango fashion shops will expose. It’s situated in a small town in the Tuscan hills 15 minutes from Florence. The high quality standards of the organization, the invited experienced teachers and dancers so as of the tango orchestras and tango shows and many other things that make an outstanding Tango Festival, will make you live a weekend full of emotions during wonderful spring days in Florence.

The lessons are hold in the wooden floored Teatro Affratellamento and have a limited number of participants. A really great international festival is awaiting you, don’t miss it!

Guest teachers: Pablo Garcia & Romina Godoy (Buenos Aires), Marcela Guevara & Stefano Giudice (Argentina/ Italy), Patricia Hilliges & Matteo Panero (Germany/Italy)

Orchestra:Ruben Peloni y los Tanturi

Djs: El Gordo Mauro, Roby, Gibo, Madia, Wiebke, El Popul Castello, Giovanni Ercoli, Jole & Gianni Marasco​

Directors: Patricia Hilliges & Matteo Panero

There might be changes to the program so please keep updated on

Wednesday 25th April
16.30 – 24.00 Welcome Marathon (Salòn Càldin)
Djs El Gordo Mauro,Roby, jole

Thursday 26th April
21.30 – 2.00 Milonga (Teatro Affratellamento)
Dj Gibo

Friday 27th April
19.30 Workshops
22.00 – 3.00 Milonga with presentation of the Festival's teachers (Teatro Affratellamento)
Dj Madia

Saturday 28th April
From 12.00 – 18.00 Workshops
At Casa Del Popolo di Grassina:
16.30-21.30 afternoon milonga dj Wiebke
22.00 Galà Night with Performances of Festival teachers (Pablo Garcia & Romina Godoy and Marcela Guevara & Stefano Giudice), Orchestra: Ruben Peloni & Los Tanturi, Dj Popul Castello

Sunday 29th April
From 12.00 – 16.30 Workshops
17.00 - 21.00 Afternoon Milonga at Circolo Teatro Affratellamento Dj Giovanni Ercoli, Gianni Marasco

Prices for Milongas:
Wednesday 25 april (Salon Càldin): 12 euro from 17.00-24.00 finger food buffet included.
Thursday 26 april (Teatro Affratellamento): 8 euro
Friday 27 april (Teatro Affratellamento): 10 euro
Saturday 28 april (Circolo Grassina): Afternoon Milonga 8 euro, Night Milonga 18 euro. Afternoon + Night Milonga: 20 euro
Sunday 29 april (Teatro Affratellamento) 5 euro

Prices for Classes:
Special seminary with Marcela Guevara & Stefano Giudice: 60 euro
3 classes with Pablo Garcia & Romina Godoy and/or Patricia Hilliges: 60 euros
6 classes (Seminary + workshops): 108 euro
1 Lesson 22 euro
Women Technique: 20 euro

Festival Venues:
- Teatro dell'Affratellamento, v. G. Orsini, 73 – Firenze
- Circolo di Grassina– Piazza Umberto I, 12 50012 Grassina
- Salòn Càldin - Circolo Caldine - Via Faentina, 183 Caldine (Fiesole)


  • Location:
    Florence, Italy
    Event dates:
    From: Wednesday, 25 April 2018 - To: Sunday, 29 April 2018
    Florence, Italy
    Event dates:
    Event Starts: Wednesday, 25 April 2018
    Event Ends: Sunday, 29 April 2018
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    Hello...I would like to register for some of the workshops at the Firenze Festival..please let me know how to proceed. Thanks!!!

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