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Tangoweekend without borders

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Tangoweekend without borders

Tangoweekend without borders

50 out of 100 with 4 ratings



Join our tango weekend at the Scandinavian mountain ridge on the border between Sweden and Norway, organized by TangoJamt and Trondheim Tangoklubb. There will be four milongas with totally 24 hours of dancing at Storliens Högfjällshotell.

We will all be eating, sleeping and dancing under the same roof.

The event is open. Payment is done during registration. Full refund of the participation fee until September 30th.

The price per person for the whole weekend including sharing a double room and full pension is NOK 2050 (aprox €205). For a single room the price is NOK 2600 (aprox €260). Reduced price if registration is made before July 15th. If you want to share room with someone, fill in the name in the registration form, or leave it open for us to find a roommate for you.

The price includes stay at the hotel with check in on Friday and check out on Sunday. The schedule of the event is adapted to the trains from Trondheim/Östersund on Friday afternoon and back on Sunday afternoon (see the travel information below).

We are aiming towards a balance between followers and leaders. When there is overweight of 10 persons of any kind, the registration will temporarily be put on hold. Registration in couples will make it easier for us to administrate and for you to enter ?.



Gabriel Bakke, Bergen:
As a DJ I am inspired by the traditional school of Bergen. I always strive to deliver consistent tandas, and im very fond of the most adored evergreens. At the same time I am not afraid to add a personal touch. Among other places, I have played at Bergen Marathon, Bergen Embrace Afterparty, Vilnius Marathon, Riga Festivalito and Oslo Easter Tango.

Birger Haugdal, Bergen:
I am the veteran amongst Norwegian DJs, with ten years of international experience. I describe my DJ style as harmonic, but I then also plays with more contrast when that feels right. For me it is important to play inspiring and varied music for dancers who prefer traditional tango. Like many other dancers and DJs, golden age music is closest to me.

Lilian Strömberg, Östersund:
My experience as a tango-DJ started about 15 years ago. I have been playing at several milongas and festivals in Stockholm and all over Sweden. And also in Norway, Finland, Latvia and Italy.
I see myself as a conductor and it is a challange to create the high spirit and the vitalizing energy to keep the strong desire of dancing through the whole milonga. The dancers give me my inspiration.
I will invite you to dance to a mix of rytmic, romantic, lyric, dramatic traditional tango played by the greatest orchestras from the golden age.

Folke Rubin, Umeå:
My career as a tango DJ is far much shorter than my experience as a tango dancer. In addition to a DJ-gig, Bomboncito in Bologna, I am a local rookie from Umeå. I will try to induce some more emotional "ahas" and "wows" among the many wonderful and melodic evergreens of tango. If the final choice of music will reflect both the needs, curiosity and floor craft, then my mission will be completed.



Dinner 19-21
Milonga 21-03, DJ Birger Haugdal

Brunch 10-12
Milonga 12-18, DJ Gabriel Bakke (Bergen)
Dinner 19-21
Milonga 21-03, DJ Folke Rubin

Brunch 10-12
Milonga 12-18, DJ Lilian Strömberg


  • Location:
    Storlien, Sweden
    Event dates:
    From: Friday, 19 October 2018 - To: Sunday, 21 October 2018
    Storlien, Sweden
    Event dates:
    Event Starts: Friday, 19 October 2018
    Event Ends: Sunday, 21 October 2018
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