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Buenos Aires Tango Experience

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Buenos Aires Tango Experience

Buenos Aires Tango Experience

50 out of 100 with 4 ratings


Buenos Aires Tango Experience 2017

Live and enjoy Buenos Aires like a “Porteño Tanguero citizen”

The proposal of this tour is to live the Tango day by day like Sergio Segura does in Buenos Aires. Sergio will shares with you his social life, give you tips about how to feel “included” in the social Tango environment. Sergio will also teach you how to dance in Buenos Aires, and the local tango etiquette. This experience includes:

“Discovering the Underground Tango”: Places that are not advertised for tourist,
“Far away” very traditional milongas: Places with the traditional etiquette ,
“Day time” Tango: Tango is not only nigh time, there are many tango in the afternoon and early evening, also at parks and the street.

Spring Break Group: Sat March 18th to Sun March 26th 2017
9 days, 8 nights

This group is limited from 4 to 20 people

2017 Prices
Save $550 for the 2017 (before Dec 31st)

$950 Before Dec 31th
$1,150 before Jan 15th
$1,350 before Feb 15th
$1,500 after
Payment form: Checks, cash or Credit Card.

Refund Policy: 95% Refundable until February 15th 2017, 80% refundable until March 8th not refundable after
Buy it with discount here

Flights, accommodation, transportation and meals are not included

Strictly Tango NYC invites you to a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty, passion and elegance of tango in the streets where it originated. Begin your journey from the hand of local; Professional Dancer, Producer, and Choreographer, Sergio Segura, and enjoy special workshops, milongas, practicas, city tours of the breathtaking Buenos Aires, and more! STNYC’s Buenos Aires Tango Experience is truly one-of-a-kind experience to rediscover Tango from its roots.

Gender balance will be arranged for recommended teachers workshops.

Activities Include: (program TBA)

Seminar: "how to dance at Buenos Aires milongas"
12 hours of classes with Sergio Segura and Master Teachers selection. Includes
- Body awarenes, condition and control applied to Tango
- Couple Connection
- Finding the right embrace
- Musicality
- The walk
- Navigation in crowded floors
- Footcraft
- Etiquette
- Milonga and Vals

Traditional and popular Milongas of Buenos Aires every night
San Telmo Visit
Regular Prácticas
Group Tango classes with selected local teachers
Buenos Aires City tour
Welcome cocktail party at Sergio’s house
Tango history lecture by Sergio Segura
Etiquette at Buenos Aires milongas lecture
Tips on how to be a safe tourist in BA by Lic. Marcos Maggiori
SPA day!
Tango Dinner and show
Farewell Lunch

It is not included but there are tons of great appartments in great locations at a very convenient price.

Additional Services

We will help you arrange the following services:

Travel in Argentina to different locations (Iguazu Falls, Mendoza, Salta, Glaciar, Usuahia and other destinations)
Local Atractions (Visit to Estancias, Tigre, Colonia and other seasonal atractions)
Taxi dancers (very important. We will get the best ones for you)
Private classes with Sergio Segura or guest teachers
Personal Shopper guide
Aesthetic consultation and treatments
Ontological consultation

Optional Services

We will assist you with the reservation of the following services (provided by Marcos Maggiori, tourist agent)

Buenos Aires

Transportation to/from airport
Flight tickets
Tango shows
Day in Tigre or other tours
Car Rental
Travel insurance (mandatory)
Buenos Aires Tango Experience
Save money!


  • Location:
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Event dates:
    From: Saturday, 18 March 2017 - To: Sunday, 26 March 2017
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Event dates:
    Event Starts: Saturday, 18 March 2017
    Event Ends: Sunday, 26 March 2017
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