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En Tus Brazos 3 Dias de Tango en Berlin

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Marathon and Encuentro

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En Tus Brazos 3 Dias de Tango en Berlin

En Tus Brazos 3 Dias de Tango en Berlin

50 out of 100 with 4 ratings


Berlin en tus brazos - Berlin tango open its arms to receive you ❤
Enjoy heartwarming tango embraces 3 days long durig first autumn weekend in Berlin. Bookmark the dates from 5th till 7th of October for a close get together and pleasures of dancing to the golden era of tango music.

***** Our Dj Team *****
Vincent El Ghouzzi (Paris/France)
Sonja Zivanovic (Belgrade/Serbia)
Bento Iybar (Istanbul/Turkey)
Francesco Cieschi (Berlin/Italy)
Ala Malisa (Berlin/Poland)
More information about detailed program & registration coming soon! Follow us here!

En Tus Brazos Hosts


  • Location:
    Berlin, Germany
    Event dates:
    From: Friday, 05 October 2018 - To: Sunday, 07 October 2018
    Berlin, Germany
    Event dates:
    Event Starts: Friday, 05 October 2018
    Event Ends: Sunday, 07 October 2018
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  • Comment Link Junho Park

    I am an organizer of Busan Tango Marathon in Korea.
    I want to go to your event, can I make a reservation?

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