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TSL in association with South Social Film Festival

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TSL in association with South Social Film Festival

TSL in association with South Social Film Festival

50 out of 100 with 4 ratings


Grand Opening Night of the South Social Film
Constitutional hall- East Dulwich

h 19 Screening of 'Hearts of Tango'
h 20.30 Milonga with Live music & DJ Thomas Keenes
in the lounge Argentinian catering and drinks

SOUTH SOCIAL FILM FESTIVAL was born to bring an enticing mix of international independent films showcasing cross-cultural diversity to London's leafiest suburbs. Films that will shock, enlighten, inspire, and entertain the diaspora and vital communities based in South London. A mix of food and music together with screenings – a cocktail for the senses.

In November the 1st EDITION OF THE FESTIVAL will be a travelling one along Battersea, Bermondsey and
Dulwich. Showing 10 screenings, 4 UK Premieres, host 3 International Indie Filmmakers, with more than 2,000 audience members expected, 1 big opening night and a closing party will be matched with food and music from their country of origin.

More detail to follow.


  • Location:
    London, United Kingdom
    Event dates:
    From: Thursday, 12 November 2015 - To: Thursday, 12 November 2015
    London, United Kingdom
    Event dates:
    Event Starts: Thursday, 12 November 2015
    Event Ends: Thursday, 12 November 2015
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