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CTF 2017 The real tradition 6 hours 100 percent live music

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CTF 2017 The real tradition 6 hours 100 percent live music

CTF 2017 The real tradition 6 hours 100 percent live music

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17:00 Beginnerclass with N.N.
18:00 Beginnerclass with N.N.
(open class to everyone, just come and try your first steps)

20:00 6 hours pure live-music with: Quinteto Ángel, Berlin with Christian Gerber - Bandoneón, Frank Schulte - Piano, Bernhard von der Gabelentz - Violine, Rodolfo Paccapelo - double bass, Federico Diaz - Guitar and as guests: Sergio Gobi (Voice) and Pablo Woizinski (Piano)

After the great success in CTF 2016 here is an other opportunity to be part of this unique experience to danceon pure live music!

Today there is a huge interest in traditional Argentine Tango. People who love that genre, they look back to the complex birth of Tango in the region of Rio de la Plata, and find hundreds of very different ideas and interpretations about this cultural heritage. We want to focus on one aspect: In the time of the so called "Golden age" the relation between dancers and musicians had one precondition: You only can dance, when there is someone who makes live music. That created always and everywhere in this world a deep relation between dancers and musicians.

Today modern technology allows us to have thousands of mp3 files on a simple usb stick and to take all orchestras of the history to do whenever you want, without asking, without conflicts, without paying. This had changed in the last – let’s say 50 years - totally the situation of both: dancers and musicians.
Now the dancers have a different life: we feel more independent, we use technology and can avoid all kind of conflicts and communication we might have had with musicians in the old days. They can nowadays dance always and everywhere, but something they lost on this way of liberation: there is only little interaction left and probably there also might be less inspiration.

In the real tradition, you never ever had the chance the listen to a song twice in the way we are used to do it now. No musician can repeat music like a machine. These tiny differences in tempo, sound, interpretation inspired the dancers in these days. They had to be really connected to the musicians. Today, when we hear an mp3 file to which we have listened many times, we don’t need to hear it that carefully, because we already have an inner pattern of this music. It is very likely to happen that you repeat your patterns to this very same recording over and over again, too.
Maybe the most exciting thing about this aspect of tradition of live music is: in a Milonga in the ‘good old times’, dancers had mostly just one tango orchestra for the evening. So the rhythm of the evening, all kinds of breaks had been related to the orchestra. The flow and the energy of the live band was the same as the one of the audience.

We want to invite everyone to make this real traditional experience: To dance an evening to live music of just one orchestra, to feel a different kind of rhythmical flow during the evening where you are really just focussed on 2 things: your dance partner and the orchestra, your musical partner.
For the musicians it is a great challenge too and we are so happy to have very experienced musicians for this night. They know that it’s not easy to play for dancers for such a long time, but they are enthusiastic about this chance to get into a new level of contact.

Free entrance, no registration necessary


  • Location:
    Berlin, Germany
    Event dates:
    From: Friday, 25 August 2017 - To: Friday, 25 August 2017
    Berlin, Germany
    Event dates:
    Event Starts: Friday, 25 August 2017
    Event Ends: Friday, 25 August 2017
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