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Krakow Marathon de Oro

Vinyl only
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SAVE THE DATES : 7th-10th November 2019
All marathon milongas you will be dancing with Golden Age tango music played only from vinyls.

Registration for TANGO MARATHON DE ORO - 17.04.2019!

All Maraton de Oro will take place at 15 Reymont Street. The building is in the city centre, only 15 minutes walk from the Main Square.

Maria Gesse & Nazar Mikhalyk


  • Location:
    Kraków, Poland
    Event dates:
    From: Thursday, 07 November 2019 - To: Sunday, 10 November 2019
    Kraków, Poland
    Event dates:
    Event Starts: Thursday, 07 November 2019
    Event Ends: Sunday, 10 November 2019
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