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International Milongas Vienna Summer 2018

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International Milonga Vienna - Summer 2018

DJ: Ewa Zbrzeska (London, UK / Poland)

Date & time: Saturday, 18 August, 21h - 4h
Location & Address: Louis Braille Saal, H├Ągeling 4-6, 1140 Vienna
Admission: 15,- EUR (students: 10,-, members: free)
Specials: Free welcome drink (this time: "Raspberry Punch", before 22h), Tombola, free table reservations, perfect wooden floor & professional sound system

There are soooo many interesteing things to do in Vienna - plan your weekend trip to a wonderfull city together with a great tango night!


  • Location:
    Vienna, Austria
    Event dates:
    From: Saturday, 18 August 2018 - To: Sunday, 19 August 2018
    Vienna, Austria
    Event dates:
    Event Starts: Saturday, 18 August 2018
    Event Ends: Sunday, 19 August 2018
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