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Associazione Tango23 La nostra milonga settimanale si tiene il venerdì' h20.30-1.30 nella nostra sede di via Maso della Pieve 4/c/2° piano, 39100 Bolzano. Here you find the milongas and other events organized by Tango23 in Bolzano and also other happenings in our region. Our fixed weekly milonga is every friday h20.30-1.30 at Tango23 Tango Club-Maso della Pieve 4/c, 39100 Bolzano Join us!
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3 days of tango in complete freedom 3 days of milongas 3 locations. Live music on Saturday

  • Bolzano, Italy
  • Friday, 28 April 2017 - Sunday, 30 April 2017

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