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Buyer Agreement

1. Who We Are.

1.1 Tangopolix.

Welcome to Tangopolix! We are a marketing and event management platform dedicated to empowering the global tango community to discover and sign up for tango events easily. Through our platform, mobile app and services we enable people all over the world to publish, manage, search and register for tango festivals, tango marathons, encuentros milongueros, seminars, workshops and any type of event related to tango.

1.2 The Services.

Tangopolix’s website and domain, and all of the webpages, subdomains, and subparts of this website (collectively, our "Site"), all of the services available on or through the Site or otherwise provided by us, and our mobile application TGPX Pro (the "Application") are offered, maintained and provided by Tangopolix. We refer to all of these as our "Services". Tangopolix is the business name under which Daniel Mera de Agustin, registered as a Sole Trader in the United Kingdom with VAT number GB 259529855, trades as with its place of business at 272 Lymington Avenue, N22 6JN, London ("Tangopolix," "us," "we" or "our").

1.3 Organisers, Vendors and Attendees.

Through the Services, Tangopolix provides a simple and quick means for registered users who have been approved as event organisers by Tangopolix ("Organisers") to create event entries in Tangopolix’s event directory, an organiser profile and to promote those pages and events. In addition, Tangopolix also enables Organisers to sell tickets, registrations and/or vouchers related to their events (collectively, "Organiser Products") to users who wish to make purchases and/or registrations from or to such events ("Attendees", "you" or "your"). We refer to Organisers who sell Organiser Products through the Services as "Vendors".

2. Our Buyer Agreement.

2.1 Application.

The following policy sets forth the terms and conditions upon which Attendees can use the Services to buy Organiser Products and/or register for an event promoted by a Vendor through the Site (this "Buyer Agreement"). By accepting the Terms of Service, you agree to the terms of this Buyer Agreement without modification and enter into a binding contract with Tangopolix, which will be applicable when and if you use the Services to buy Organiser Products from a Vendor at the Site.

2.2 Incorporation By Reference.

This Buyer Agreement and the rights and obligations contained in this Buyer Agreement are in addition to and are incorporated into the Terms of Service by reference. Nothing in this Buyer Agreement shall be deemed to modify, waive, amend or rescind any other term of the Terms of Service.

3. Tangopolix's Role.

3.1 Ticketing Service and Limited Agent.

Tangopolix is not the organiser or owner of the events listed for sale or registration on the Services. Tangopolix provides the Services, which allow Organisers and Vendors to list and promote their events, but all sales are made by the respective Vendor listed on the applicable event page. Tangopolix is solely acting as a ticketing service provider between Vendor and Attendee for specific events. Tangopolix also acts as the Vendor’s limited agent solely for the purpose of using its third party payment service provider to enable payments made by Attendees on the Services with respect to an event and passing such payments through to the applicable Vendor. It is the Vendor’s sole obligation to ensure that any event page posting on the Services and the nature and conduct of the underlying event meet all applicable local, state, provincial, national and other laws, rules and regulations, and that the goods and services described in any event page posting are actually delivered in a satisfactory manner. Tangopolix assumes no liability incidental to the event for which tickets are sold or purchased. Attendee assumes all risks associated with attendance of events.

3.2 Independent Payment Relationship.

Vendors and Attendees effect the applicable payment transaction through a third party service, which is provided by Leetchi Corp SA, a licensed electronic money issuer ("MangoPay") and are bound by the applicable terms of use governing such service ( detailed in the Mangopay Payment Services Framework Contract). Tangopolix accepts no obligation or liability with respect to the performance or nonperformance of such third party service.

4. Pricing and Availability.

4.1 Prices and charges.

Prices for Organiser Product are set by the Vendor for each of its events, not Tangopolix. There are no additional fees charged to the Attendee when purchasing Organiser Products through the Services in addition to the displayed amount at the Site. Such amount shall include all fees and taxes collected by Tangopolix and/or the Vendor for such sell.

4.2 Currency.

Vendors set the pricing for their Organiser Products in a single currency. Tangopolix shall display pricing in the Site for the Organiser Products of a particular Vendor in such set currency and MangoPay shall charge the Attendee’s card accordingly in such currency. Attendee acknowledges and agrees that any currency conversion that may be required shall be executed by Attendee’s card issuer and/or its affiliates who in turn will apply their own currency exchange rate and any applicable fees.

4.3 Availability.

The number of Organiser Products sold for an event is set by the Vendor, not Tangopolix. Tangopolix will not be held liable for Organiser Product over sales. Should Organiser Products be oversold by the Vendor, the Vendor has discretion as to the method of refund, including but not limited to event price refund, or ticket exchange for a similarly equivalent event.

5. Cancelled and Rescheduled Events.

5.1 Cancelled Events.

Vendors or others outside the control of Tangopolix may cancel events. Whereas Tangopolix will do all reasonable endeavours to recover and refund purchases for Organiser Products sold for a cancelled event, Attendee agrees and acknowledges that only the Vendor responsible for a cancelled event is liable to refund the Organiser Products sold for such event and that it may not be possible for Tangopolix to facilitate such refund.

5.2 Rescheduled Events.

Vendors or others outside the control of Tangopolix may reschedule events. It is at the Vendor's discretion whether to refund the Organiser Product price or exchange the tickets for a similarly equivalent event should rescheduling occur. In the case where an event is rescheduled and Vendor decides to exchange the tickets for a similarly equivalent event, Tangopolix will do all reasonable endeavours to provide instructions on the Site on how to exchange such event specific tickets. Where Vendor decides to refund the Organiser Products for the rescheduled event, Tangopolix will do all reasonable endeavours to recover and refund purchases of those Organiser Products sold for such rescheduled event. Attendee acknowledges and agrees that only the Vendor responsible for a rescheduled event is liable to refund or exchange the Organiser Products sold for such event and that it may not be possible for Tangopolix to facilitate such operation.

6. Refunds.

Because all transactions are between a Vendor and its respective Attendees, Tangopolix asks that all Attendees contact the applicable Organiser of their event with any refund requests. Vendors agree to include and maintain a refund policy on the Vendor’s terms and conditions and that refund policy will govern, provided that the refund policy must be consistent with Attendee Refund Policy Requirements available here. In the event that a Vendor has not responded to a refund request within five (5) business days or there is a dispute between an Vendor and an Attendee that cannot be resolved, either party may contact Tangopolix. Tangopolix may, in its discretion, attempt to mediate such dispute, however, Tangopolix will have no liability for (a) a Vendor’s failure to give refunds; (b) Tangopolix’s failure to mediate a dispute; or (c) Tangopolix’s decision if it does mediate the dispute.

7. Order Cancellation.

Tangopolix reserves the right to cancel Organiser Product orders made by Attendee for any reason, not limited to incorrect billing information and/or fraudulent Organiser Product purchasing.

8. Resale of Tickets.

Organiser Products purchased through Tangopolix are for individual use only and not for resale. Resale will automatically void tickets, barring refunds, exchanges, and entry into event.

This document was last updated on June 26, 2018