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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost any money to publish my event at tangopolix?

No. You can create a page for your tango event and populate it with information completely free of charge.

My event is in Facebook, why should I use tangopolix?

Tangopolix maximises your audience beyond those connected to your Facebook profile or groups. Tangueros come to tangopolix not only searching for international festivals but also looking to see if any events are happening in their local communities and nearby towns. In addition, whereas in Facebook your posts quickly sink and become difficult to find because of the vast amount of information being published in this social network, tangopolix makes your event information fully searchable so dancers can find your tango event very easily by applying very simple filters. Moreover, your tango event will benefit from all the marketing initiatives carried out by tangopolix and you can import the info from your Facebook event to tangopolix with a single click.

My event is already listed at tangopolix, why should I take ownership of it?

By controling your event information you will be able to:
  • Make your event page more attractive, informative and searchable by adding additional information like: description, picture, photo gallery, video, map, registration info, tags, maestros, services, etc.
  • Include an organiser profile to allow dancers interested in your event to contact you.
  • Include links to your website or Facebook group.
  • Keep the information about your event up to date and correct in case there are changes.
  • Automatically get a link to other event pages that you also own at tangopolix.

How can my event benefit the most from being listed on tangopolix?

Tangopolix provides extensive searching and filtering capabilities to help dancers find tango event's that meet their requirements very easily. Hence, by providing as much information as possible for your tango event you allow tango dancers to easily find it. For example, tagging your event as “role balanced” or “relaxed & casual” will ensure that when users search for events that include these tags your event will appear in their search results. You can also select the maestros that will be teaching at your tango festival to allow dancers to find your event when they search for specific maestros. It is also very important to provide a nice picture to make your event stand out in the list of events and to provide a link to your website for those interested to learn more about it.

How can I publish my event at tangopolix?

In order to be able to publish your tango event you need to register as Event Organiser. The process is explained in our guide how to publish your tango events.

My event is already listed at tangopolix, how can I add more information?

First you need to register as Event Organiser as explained in how to publish your tango events. Once approved, click the button “Claim an Event” at the bottom of your profile, select your event from the list and click “Take ownership”. That's it, now you can manage your event's info, import your Facebook event, add videos, pictures and fully categorise it .

I would like my event to feature at tangopolix homepage, is it possible?

Yes, featured events gain 10 times more visibility than the rest of the events. When we mark your event as featured, your event will not only appear at tangopolix home page but also it will be shown in the first page of search results whenever your event matches the filters applied by the user. Please get in touch and we will arrange it for you.
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