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Dance the Music Tango Workshops with Steve Morrall

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Tango Essence are delighted to be hosting a weekend with Steve Morrall, (Tango UK, Bramshaw) Steve will show you how to listen to the music so that your dancing is informed and inspired by the music. Then every tango you dance to will be different because every tango is different.

WORKSHOP 1 Sat 17th Feb 1-5pm
Identifying and dancing the difference between the call of the marcato beat and the art of the frasero
Cost £24

Food will be provided between the workshop and the milonga

MILONGA 6-9.30pm
Cost £7.50, or free if you do the 2 workshops

WORKSHOP 2 Sunday 18th February 2-6pm
Learning how to make the music the focus of your movement
Cost £24


  • Location:
    Swansea, United Kingdom
    Event dates:
    From: Samstag, 17 Februar 2018 - To: Sonntag, 18 Februar 2018
    Swansea, United Kingdom
    Event dates:
    Event Starts: Samstag, 17 Februar 2018
    Event Ends: Sonntag, 18 Februar 2018
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